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Can I use a Splunk universal forwarder to monitor memory, disk I/O, and CPU consumption?

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Hello Splunkers,

I want to ask you about Splunk Universal Forwarder memory, CPU and DISK I/O consumption monitoring on client machines because I can do this only with a full Splunk Enterprise instance using a DMC server but can't do that with Splunk universal forwarder.
Is there any solution? and I'm so thankful.

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If you are running AIX/Linux/Solaris you could also consider the NMON Performance Monitor for Unix and Linux Systems for Splunk

It's a separate application that does detailed monitoring of AIX/Linux/Solaris, it cannot run on Windows as nmon does not exist on that platform.

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You can install Splunk Add-on for Unix/Windows on your universal forwarders to monitor and forward those information to your indexers. See below for more details on Unix Add on apps.

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