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Can I have different timestamp formats using the same sourcetype?


Indexing a lot of SystemOut.log files from WebSphere I realize that all almost all log files uses the following time format

TIME_FORMAT = %m/%d/%y %H:%M:%S%3N %Z

But on some old servers the format is

TIME_FORMAT = %d/%m/%y %H:%M:%S%3N %Z

Is it possible for to use two formats for the same sourcetype? Or as an alternative can I create a "child sourcetype" with no other changes than the time_format?

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For Windows users, worth noticing how to correctly define path to custom datetime.xml escaping backslashes. Took some time before I figured that one out (use double backslashes, it does not show here)

DATETIME_CONFIG = \\etc\\apps\\myapp\\local\\datetime.xml

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I don't know if this works in your usecase. But you should be able to use a custom datetime.xml to solve this. Take a look at this: