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Can I expand the length of a drop-down input field to display the whole string for values?


I have the situation where I'm using a lookup to populate a drop-down input, and in one of my dashboards, many of the values are long and start off the same. This leads to the issue that you can't always see what the actual value is you're picking. Is there a way to make the box larger to view the whole string? The size of the inputs boxes seems to be pretty static; at least I haven't found a way to adjust the size. Any help would be appreciated!

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Can adjust this using the width property for the DropdownInput object after converting your dashboard to HTML.

The WebFramework uses the jQuery-based Select2 Dropdown, which comes with its own set of CSS requirements.


You could override this by setting the min-width for the container object after the Select2 objects have been loaded:

field2 .select2-container{ min-width: 800pxpx; }

Doing this will allow your drop downs to be 800px wide.


Thanks for the prompt response, and I like that idea; is there any way to do it without having to convert to html and losing the xml control? If not no problem I'll just save a copy and then if I need it back I can get it.

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Can anyone please explain how to convert the dashboard to HTML and then override the CSS?

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