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Can I create an admin role that doesn't have access to delete_by_keyword?

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There are regulatory guidelines for some institutions, such as banks, that put strict limits on the option to delete data. I need to have that limit.

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In the Web UI under Settings > Access controls > Roles > New Role, create a role called subadmin [or name of your choice]. In the Capabilities section select ‘add all’ in the Available capabilities.

Next, under the Selected capabilities panel remove:

• delete_by_keyword
• edit_roles

If there are any other capabilities you want to remove from the subadmin role, return them to the Available capabilities panel.

Edit the $SPLUNK_HOME/etc/system/local/authorize.conf file [DO NOT change the $SPLUNK_HOME/etc/system/default/authorize.conf] by adding this entry under the [role_subadmin]:

grantableRoles = subadmin

Save the changes, go back to Access controls > Authentication method and select the ‘Reload authentication configuration’. This will read the Authorize.conf file and apply the changes above.

Assign all the admins to this new role (subadmin) who should not have the ability delete data or to let anyone else delete data. These users will not have that option [delete_by_keyword] in their list of capabilities, nor will they have the role ‘can_delete’.

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Also note that you MUST keep edit_grantable_roles in the new admin account. That replaces the edit_roles that was disabled/unselected.

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