Getting Data In

CSV File with multiple sections and headers


I have a CSV file that has a header/title section with some interesting information in it (the run, application version, username, etc).

It then has 2 sections of CSV data with the same field names, but one is an exception section and one is the actual data. It looks like this:

Run ID,100
Run Date/Time,6/13/2019 7:07:51 PM
Application Name,
Application Version,
Protocol Name,
User Name,John Doe



I am trying to avoid writing code to pre parse the data to something a little more Splunk friendly. Any ideas on how to leverage props/transforms to get the Run ID, Timestamp, Username in each line under the 2 csv sections?

We are ok with merging the exceptions and details sections into 1 as we do not necessarily need to distinguish between the 2 sections. But we do need to leverage one of the field rows as the CSV header values.

Help appreciated! 🙂

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