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Bypass response format check in PersistentServerConnectionApplication

Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

I am trying to host Prometheus metrics on a Splunk app such that the metrics are available at `.../my_app/v1/metrics` endpoint.

I am able to create a handler of type PersistentServerConnectionApplication and have it return Prometheus metrics. The response status, however, code = `500` and content = `Unexpected character while looking for value: '#'`

Prometheus metrics do not confirm to any of the supported `output_modes`

(atom | csv | json | json_cols | json_rows | raw | xml)

so I get the same error irrespective of the output mode chosen.

Is there a way to bypass the output check? Is there any other alternative to host a non-confirming-format output via a Splunk REST API?

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I'm assuming you know about & are modeling things after the Splunk Rest Examples?


Can you share a bit of your Python on how you are returning your data? What I'm thinking is if your handle method isn't returning your data in the correct JSON format it needs to generate the response.

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