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Build table by char position in string

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I´ve got this event ->


Each position of the pass value gives an pass or fail for one position (1..80 but can also be only 1..45).

For example Pass="FPPF" says ->

Position1 = Fail
2 = Pass
Position3 = Pass
4 = Fail

Now I want to buld an table to show which position has how much fails of all events. How to do this?

One possibility could be to use mvexpand and build more events.

For example, build from this ->

2020/02/14/16:12:28:872 MachineNumber="K003991_HT" Pass="FPPF"

that events ->

2020/02/14/16:12:28:872 MachineNumber="K003991HT" Pass="Fail" Position="1"
2020/02/14/16:12:28:872 MachineNumber="K003991
HT" Pass="Pass" Position="2"
2020/02/14/16:12:28:872 MachineNumber="K003991HT" Pass="Pass" Position="3"
2020/02/14/16:12:28:872 MachineNumber="K003991
HT" Pass="Fail" Position="4"

...but how is it possible do do this? Or is there an other possibility to buld my table? Thanks!

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Re: Build table by char position in string


@ea7777777 try the following run anywhere example based on the sample data provided. Commands till | fields _raw generate data, you can pipe the command from | eval ... and validate the output with your query.

| makeresults
| eval _raw="2020/02/14/16:12:28:872 MachineNumber=\"K003991_HT\" Pass=\"FPPF\""
| KV
| fields - _raw
| eval Pass=replace(replace(Pass,"(\w{1})","\1,"),",$","")
| makemv Pass delim=","
| mvexpand Pass
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Re: Build table by char position in string

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| makeresults 
| eval _raw="2020/02/14/16:12:28:872
| rex "(?<time>^\S+)"
| eval _time=strptime(time,"%Y/%m/%d/%T.%3Q")
| kv
| table _time MachineNumber Pass
| eval Pass=split(Pass,"")
| mvexpand Pass
| streamstats count as Position

Hi, folks
The detail:

  1. kv extracts key=value
  2. split() makes multivalue.
  3. mvexpand creates events from multivalue.
  4. streamstats makes count named Position.

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Re: Build table by char position in string

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Works fine! Thanks!

Only change from my side was ->

 | streamstats count as Position by _time
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