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Bro log ingestion and indexing

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Hey all super new to splunk administration - I'm having issues with the bro logs being indexed properly
I have 2 days of logs from a folder - but when I go and search the index - despite Indexes showing millions of events existing, I only see the bro tunnel logs, and they're for the wrong day
I'm not even looking to set up all the sourcetypes and extractions at this moment. I just want all of the logs ingested and searchable on the correct day/time. 

I've played with the Bro apps and switching the config around in the props.conf. 
I've deleted the fishbucket folder to start over and force the re-indexing

Overall I feel like there's another step I'm missing. 

disabled = false
host = MyHost
index = bro
crcSalt = <SOURCE>

1) why are the tunnel logs being indexed for the wrong day? How do I fix?
2) where are the rest of the logs and how do I troubleshoot? 

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Hi @DarkMSTie,

identify the correct sourcetype is the first (and most important) categorization that you can do to recognize your Data Flows,

so don't leave to Splunk the choice of the sourcetype, also because in this way it probably will use a standard (as e.g. csv) sourcetype that could be common also with other Data Flows and you're not sure to identify only these logs.

So identify the sourcetype (e.g. "bro") in inputs.conf, eventually cloning an existing one (e.g. csv), so you are sure to identify your logs.

In addition, if this Data Flow has some different configuration, you can use it without problems to other data Flows.

In other words, the most important field to identify a Data Flow isn't index but sourcetype, also because you associate to sourcetype al the fields extractions, etc...



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