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Blacklist - 2 fields on same event

Loves-to-Learn Everything

Hi all, I'm trying to create a blacklist for an event after checking 2 different fields on different lines.

I can get them filtered individually, but without an "AND" operator, like OR has "|", I'm struggling.  


Sample Event



An account was successfully logged on.

	Security ID:		NULL SID
	Account Name:		-
	Account Domain:		-
	Logon ID:		0x0

Logon Information:
	Logon Type:		3
	Restricted Admin Mode:	-
	Virtual Account:		No
	Elevated Token:		Yes

Impersonation Level:		Impersonation

New Logon:
	Security ID:		SYSTEM
	Account Name:		COMPUTER$
	Account Domain:		XXXX.NET
	Logon ID:		0x6C6C65F09
	Linked Logon ID:		0x0
	Network Account Name:	-
	Network Account Domain:	-
	Logon GUID:		{970e0bf8-ccc7-18fd-7be9-d5efe2ab8b22}

Process Information:
	Process ID:		0x0
	Process Name:		-

Network Information:
	Workstation Name:	-
	Source Network Address:	-
	Source Port:		-

Detailed Authentication Information:
	Logon Process:		Kerberos
	Authentication Package:	Kerberos
	Transited Services:	-
	Package Name (NTLM only):	-
	Key Length:		0




So what I'm trying to do is filter on Logon Type=3 AND Account Name: xxx$


I have tried stuff that works on regex101, etc.  And it will work there, but Splunk doesn't seem to recognize it.






Any help is appreciated


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Loves-to-Learn Everything

Took me a while but figured it out, incase someone shows up here in the future!

source="WinEventLog:Security" EventCode=4624 | regex Message="(?ms)Logon\sType:[\s]*(3).*Account\sName:[\s]*(.*\$)"

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