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Best way to load archived applcation log files without exceeding license?


Our daily license is 15GB we use about 10GB on average.
However I want to load our archived application log files which is probably 300gb. I have been doing about 10gb a day but this exceeds our license and if we get 5 violations in 30 days it will lock us out (as far as I know)

How best should I load the archived data?
Should I ask for a temporary increased limit?
Do as much as I can in one day and repeat for 4 days? (I can probably load 50 GB in a day) Blowing well past the limit each day.
Or split the loads so that I only load 4-5 GB a day and try to stay under the license

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hello there,

index it all at once on a single day.
you will have a single violation ... if you exceed your limit, ask for a reset key

hope it helps

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