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Base Searches for Dashboards using Splunk Metrics

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Hi all,

My team recently got metric data into Splunk and I created several dashboards with various drop down tokens for metric names as well as host. My next step was to try and create a logical base search with post processing searches to reduce the amount of concurrent searches running within the panels. I've been having a heck of a time getting a proper base search to work when it struck me:

These metric searches on the panels almost always complete in 1 second and there aren't too many metric points being generated per day. Are base searches even worth it for this type of data? I know that base searches is a best practice for dashboards, but these panels still load almost instantly even when concurrent dashboards are being run. Trying to get some potential insight before I go down rabbit holes again to get a base search and post processing searches to work.

Appreciate any feedback 😄

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