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Assigning sourcetype by host - UF


Hi All,

I have a UF which gets logs of syslog via UDP:514.
I am trying to set sourcetypes by hosts' IPs but i can't figure this out.

For example, for [host::] I want to set source type of "wineventlog".

I don't have an option to separate the logs into different folders by host..

Thanks !

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You can configure the syslog server with a different IP address for each sourcetype you wish to define. Each IP should write to its own file(s) and your monitor statement should establish the sourcetype.

Here is a link to a Splunk Blog that goes into detail about syslog architecture:
and here is a link to the author's .conf presentation:

If you are only just getting started with syslog/Splunk, you should really consider a mature deployment like those suggested above.

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As i mentioned in my question above, i don't have an option to separate the logs into different files.
I am well aware of this method but unfortunately it is not an option at the moment.

Thanks any way

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