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Are wildcards supported for JSON?

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I've used the HEC to index some json data that looks kind of like this:

    "FieldA_sec": 0.12443,
    "FieldB_sec": 0.10392,
    "FieldC_sec": 0.30292

However these two queries give different results:

| stats avg(FieldA_sec) as FieldA_sec_avg, avg(FieldB_sec) as FieldB_sec_avg, avg(FieldC_sec) as FieldC_sec_avg

This query works as expected.

| stats avg(*_sec) as *_sec_avg

This returns the average for only one of my fields.

When inspecting the search log, I found that only some of my fields showed up in the field summary.
The field summary contained 112 fields, but should have over 300 fields.

Is there a limit to the numbers of columns that will be matched in a wildcard when using JSON events?

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