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Apply SEDCMD to mutli line events in props.conf with recurring field values


Hello Experts,

I have been asked to hash out one occurrence of value_key from the following logs. I have tried the following in props.conf on indexer

SEDCMD-hash = s/value_key:(\S+), code_key:PASSWORD/XXXXXX/g

and restarted splunk and instead of hiding it, it deleted all the events that contained value_key. When i try the same in search i get what i want

*****15 lines *******
[, code_key:USER_NAME]
        [value_key:**needtohidethispassword**, code_key:PASSWORD]
        [value_key:BHN-1click, code_key:DOMAIN]
        [value_key:46793, code_key:PORT_NUMBER]
        [value_key:, code_key:ISG_IP]
        [value_key:ISG, code_key:type]
*****15 Lines*********

I know it has to be index time extraction only. Do i need a corresponding transforms.conf to define the class or can i acheive it solely using props.conf? if so, could you please provide syntax/tips?


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could you test this :

SEDCMD-hash = s/(.value_key:)([^\,]+)(, code_key:PASSWORD.)/\1XXXXXX\3/g

I hope it will help you


I got the same result as using

SEDCMD-hash = s/value_key:(\S+), code_key:PASSWORD/XXXXXX/g. Instead of

value_key:XXXXXX, code_key:PASSWORD , it replaces the whole line with [XXXXXX]. It started to make sense as this is happening at index time before the event boundaries are marked, or i might have missed the point totally.

Appreciate your help.

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Revered Legend

Do you want this to happen for all sourcetypes OR one particular sourcetype (asking as you created this entry in [default] stanza)?


I tried
Sedcmd-xyz = s/regex/####/g and no luck.

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