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Apache Spark and Splunk Comparison


I would like to request some information.

My customer has a big interest in Splunk Enterprise.
The company has been implementing Hadoop-based big data system.
The Hadoop system includes Apahce Spark.

My customer wants to compare Apache Spark and Splunk with following criteria :
- How both are different each other?
- What Splunk can do or can't do compared to Apache Spark?
- What Apache Spark can do or can't do compared to Splunk?
- How Splunk and Apache Spark can co-exist in a big data system?

My customer knows that Splunk and Hortonworks(Hadoop service provider) are in partner relationship.
The customer wants to get the information how they have collaborated.

Thanks for your help.

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

To see how Splunk collaborate with Hortonworks please see this link:
As you can see from this link: Sparks is a set of APIs and is one part of a set of about 30 Hadoop related projects. That means with Sparks you still need a different system to collect the data, index the data, store the data, analyze the data, visualize the data, and secure the data.

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