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All fields not displayed in the result but the event is picked up

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The following works fine in the search bar.
index=i_a sourcetype=a_out| transaction source maxspan=1h|rex field=source "[\w\W]+/(?[A-Z0-9_]).(?\d)_(?\d*).out" | eval Time=strftime(_time, "%m/%d/%Y %H:%M:%S") | table Job_Name PID Time

Props.conf entry is as follows
TZ = America/New York
TIME_FORMAT = %m/%d/%Y %H:%M:%S
EXTRACT-sourcefields =[\w\W]+/(?[A-Z0-9_]).(?\d)_(?\d*).out in source
EXTRACT-jobid = JobId=(?\d*)
EXTRACT-batch_type = Batch_Type=(?\w*)

file is of the format - RUN_D_INCR_ABC_INCR_9_TESTF_EXP_C.20130801023732_99999.out.

Problem - The report only displays the Time and doesn’t display jobname/PID.

“View results” from the report is
index=i_a sourcetype=a_out | transaction source maxspan=1h | eval Time=strftime(_time, "%m/%d/%Y %H:%M:%S") | table Job_Name PID Time

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I have seen this before when some of the fields have no value. Try fillnull. Here is a link to fillnull:

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Also, you should use comma separated fields:

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Could you get sample logs for us? Are the fields shown when used without transaction?

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