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Adding new device to splunk Cisco UCS add on


Hi All,

In our environment, Already our team installed the "Cisco UCS Add-On" and data is getting into splunk.

Now we want to integrate new UCS devices to splunk. I have update the existing conf files with new devices details and taken a restart but data is not coming for both new and existing devices.



[UCS_Odd1] # old device
account_name = ******
account_password = ******
description = UCS data from Odd1
server_url = xx.xx.xx.xx

[UCS_Even1]  #New device
account_name = ******
account_password = ******
description = UCS data from even1
server_url = xx.xx.xx.xx


description = Monitoring UCS for prod environment
disabled = 0
index = cisco-ucs
interval = 300
servers = Splunk_TA_cisco-ucs:UCS_Odd1 | Splunk_TA_cisco-ucs:UCS_Even1 
sourcetype = cisco:ucs
templates = Splunk_TA_cisco-ucs:prod

disabled = 1
index = main
interval = 300
servers = Splunk_TA_cisco-ucs:UCS_NEW
sourcetype = cisco:ucs
templates = Splunk_TA_cisco-ucs:prod


password = $1$qxE5qx8PFP7KMAC8oIxQG46oGG3Oatbd

password = Password!@#

After restart of splunk server the password for new device is not encrypting and data is not coming to splunk.

Can anyone help me here please?

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