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Adding Data (system logs, event logs, etc) from Linux computer system to Windows System


How do I add data (system logs, event logs, etc) from a Linux computer (forwarder) system to a Windows System (receiver)? Do I need to install Splunk on the Linux computer, then forward data using Splunk? Can I forward logs without Splunk on a linux computer? Thanks for any help.

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You have plenty of options, as Brian said: * install the lightweight forwarder on the Linux system, point it to the Windows box * use filesystem mounts

But there are plenty of others- syslog-ng is a fantastic option.

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In order to get data from the linux machine to the windows indexer, you have a couple of options.

The first is to install Splunk as a lightweight forwarder on the Linux machine and have it send the logs over to the windows machine.

The second and probably more overly complicated option is to transfer the files to the windows box using either ftp or sftp.


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Do I need to add data in the light forwarder or does it forward all linux logs?

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