Getting Data In

Active directory data input.


What is the most suggested way to pull data from Active Diretory?

We need to input Active Directory's user information for event co-relations.

THanks Gurus~!

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Wow - answering a year old query.

Set up a temporal lookup based on the Windows Security Log (which you will need to ingest from the domain controllers). You can use to figure out the EventCode that you need to read for the user logons.

Note that most windows systems use Kerberos "pre-authentication" to do authentication. So the logon events are not necessarily obvious. Just take a look at the events and extract the username and domain (preferenbly as the CIM compliant fields user and src_nt_domain.


A good starting point would be the documentation, specifically Monitor Active Directory in the Admin manual.

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