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Accessing the remote Splunk server via REST


I want to access a Splunk remote server that has the same subnet mask, but of a different network
from the client computer.

I am able to trace the route from the server computer to client computer and trace route from the client to the server computer via windows tracert command.

I read up from a source that states that :
however if host b is on a different network then host a will have to communicate via a gateway, and the way host a can tell if it is on the same network is using the subnet mask.

For example

Host A
Host B
Host C
Subnet Mask

If Host A communicates with Host B, they are both have Network ID 200.200.200 so Host A communicates directly to Host B. If Host A communicates with Host C they are on different networks, 200.200.200 and 200.200.199 respectively so Host A would send via a gateway.

That means that the client will have to communicate to the server via a gateway as well, am i right? so if thats the case how do i replace the "localhost" in the url with the ipaddress of the server. Does it include the gateway address?

https://IPADDRESS:8089/services ....

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Not really a Splunk question per say , network routing 101.

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