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Access is Denied from Splunk Server to Remote Server


I am trying to forward event logs from a Windows XP machine to a Windows 2003 machine. I set up Splunk on the Windows XP machine to forward to the Windows 2003 machine (receiving).

I have tried adding data inputs as 'Local Event Log Connection', 'Remote Event Log Collection', and 'WMI Collections'. However, when I test connections, I receive an error message saying that I get the following error message "Failed to fetch data: In handler 'win-wmi-find-collection': Unable to get wmi classes from host '': -0x7ff8fffb- Access is denied. Make sure WMI is configured correctly."

When I test connection using the wbemtest, I receive an error message saying that "Access is Denied" as well. There is no Active Directory set up on the machines I am working on. They are on the same subnet. I have changed a lot of the settings, permissions, and services around on the machines in past few days and was wondering if anyone knew exactly what settings or permissions needed to be enabled/disabled/started. Thanks!


This is most likely an issue with insufficient permissions. It has been addressed by this answers post.