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AS400 third-party agent for forwarding data to splunk


Hello, I need to forwards logs from AS400 into splunk instance. The best option to do that is through the third-party agent, as I investigated on internet and other questions in splunkbase. My question is: Do you have any experiences with third-party agent running on AS400 and forwarding data into splunk instance? And can you investigate the incoming events in Enterprise Security app since it's CEF structured?

(I found few of agents such as Enforcive Enterprise Security Suite, iSecurity SYSLOG (SEA), Powertech SIEM Agent for IBM i, PowerSC Syslog Reporting Manager)

Thank you for answers or recommends for tested agents.

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I don't have any experience in AS400. But, if you are able to export the logs from the mainframe with a third party app. You could use a forwarder to send the data to Splunk. If the data you get the data CIM compliant you should be able to use it in ES.

In search answers there seems to be a varied amount of ways that people are using to get this data in.

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