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what happens when we click a user id

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so, i click on a profile id to see more details about that user.. but what i get is simply a small popup box which says "View Profile". 

is this necessary?!?! i think, when we click on the id, simply it should take us to the "view profile" link, instead of a popup and one more click.. you get my point, right...


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ahhhh, i didnt think there will be difference between clicking the photo and userid! my bad!.

thanks @niketnilay thanks a ton! 

(leaving this post as unsolved for few more days, to get other users views on this. after sometime i will accept the above reply as solution.)

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  1. Click on the photo to directly go to the profile.
  2. Click on the Name to open the Name and Badge level along with View Profile link.
  3. Right Click on the Name to open profile in the new window.

@ppablo I think Option 2. in the older platform used to be a more detailed information, like Total Comments, Answers, Followers etc. Now it seems less usable as only information it provides is user badge level. Either more relevant overall profile details should be added or this should be made a hover instead of click.

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