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 I am trying to extract count of the data by excluding some values which are not equal and some are equal in particular filed

  My query

   index=platform source=`ProjectArea` |join type=inner ProjectAreaID max=0 [search index=`platform` source=`RequirementModules` |fillnull value="Not Defined"|search Owner!="Tool" |join type=inner ModuleID max=0 [search index=`platform` source=`SoftwareRequirements` `ReqID_URL_Rename`|rename Owner as ReqOwner ]]|search `Software_ModuleType` `SoftwareRequirementType` |fillnull value="Not Defined"|dedup LinkStart_URL|search ModuleID="*" Status="*" Owner="*" | join type=inner LinkStart_URL max=0 [search index=`platform` source=Sw_Satisfaction`|rename LinkEnd_URL as SysURL]|join type=inner SysURL max=0 [search index=`platform` source=`SystemRequirements` `ReqID_URL_Rename` |rename LinkStart_URL as SysURL] |search ModuleName!="A*" AND ModuleName="*_ext" |stats count by ModuleName 

Output  comes zero when i give  (ModuleName!="A*" AND ModuleName="*_ext") this condition

My output contains A* values,V* and A*_ext  i want to exculde only A* values

Please help with this

Thank You in advance


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Instead of search, can you use regex?

| regex ModuleName="^[^A].*_ext$"
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Thanks for reply I will try @ITWhisperer 

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