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Why are events sent directly to index over socket using python SDK not seen in event search?

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There is no error shown while sending data over socket using Python SDK. But the event is not available in search. Why?
import splunklib;
import config;
import splunklib.client as client
import socket

# Create a Service instance and log in
service = client.connect(

# Get the collection of indexes
indexes = service.indexes

# List the indexes and their event counts
for index in indexes:
    #count = index["totalEventCount"]
    print ((

# Retrieve the index for the data
myindex = service.indexes["main"]

# Open a socket
mysocket = myindex.attach(sourcetype="splunk_input_test")

# Send events to it
data=b'This is my splunk test event\r\n'
# Close the socket
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also service.indexes is not listing all the indexes I have access to.

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