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What are the steps to become a certified Splunk developer?

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I've been working in Splunk for 2 years.
I want to do a developer certification.
Please let me know the steps to do so.

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Splunk Employee

To become a certified Splunk developer, ​you have to complete ​CreatingDashboards​, A​dvancedDashboards&Visualizations​ ,​BuildingSplunkApps​, and Developing with Splunk’s REST API​ courses in order to be eligible for the certification exam.

​The prerequisite exams for this certification are Splunk Core Certified User, Splunk Core Certified Power User, and Splunk Enterprise Certified Admin.

Once you get the authorization for the Developer exam from Splunk Certification team, then you'll be able to apply for the Exam via Pearson VUE

Additional information can be found here related to the online proctored option:

Hope it helps.

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These are the courses for developers:

also, you can request a developer license here:

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