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Use an external script to pass values to search query

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We need to be able to use the results of an external command as inputs into a search query.

Specifically, we want to run a Python script that queries our AD and exclude the members of a group from search results. The Python script is all set but the integration into the query is confusing.



external_cmd =

external_type = python

Script output:




How can we integrate this so that the output is used as a NOT condition? Script and output can be modified too.


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Re: Use an external script to pass values to search query


Assuming your script results yield one event per excluded user with a user field set to its login, you can do this:

sourcetype=something NOT [HRUserException]

That will take the results of the subsearch, for example these events:

1: user=foo
2: user=bar
3: user=baz

and turn that into this search string:

( ( user="foo" ) OR ( user="bar" ) OR ( user="baz" ) )

The NOT in front of the subsearch will exclude those three users from the search, giving you this main search:

sourcetype=something NOT ( ( user="foo" ) OR ( user="bar" ) OR ( user="baz" ) )

If your external command results don't have a user field yet you may need to rex it out of the results first.

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