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Template inheritance in Splunk Django not working in Production

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I'm having some trouble with the Django inheritance on my test/production environment Splunk instances. I'm using Splunk 6.3.1 with a 3 SHs cluster architecture.
I have a base_app defined with all the styles and dashboards, and my_app which inherits some of the code of the base_app.

Within django/base_app/templates/configuration_panels i have an html with a table, called riesgo.html, which draws a table with background colors.
I have the same structure in django/my_app/templates/configuration_panels with the file riesgo.html too wich draws a table without background colors.

The problem here and the weird thing is that, having the same files (for both the base_app and my_app) in the testing environment and in production, Splunk is drawing the my_app/riesgo.html (one without background colors) file. And, with THE SAME files in production, Splunk is, however, drawing the base_app/riesgo.html (the one with background colors) file.

My question here is: why is happening that? Is there an explicit way to tell Splunk's Django to use the son's file instead of the parent's?
I don't understand why, if I'm uploading THE SAME repository in test and pro, in test uses the "good" file and in pro uses the paren'ts base file.

Thank you very much.


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