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Shell script won't execute a Python script.

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I am totally confused after many hours of trying to figure this out and I couldn't find any other posts similar enough to my problem. Here's my problem:

I want an alert to call a shell script (

I then want to execute a Python script ( in the same directory. looks like:


./ looks like:

#!/usr/bin/env python

::python code here::

If I execute the shell script from the terminal it works. If I put in a shell script that doesn't try to run an executable into a Splunk alert message it works, but a sheel script that attempts to execute a command is a no-go. None of the logs (splunkd.log, scheduler.log, python.log) list any problems, the python executable has the proper permissions. Anybody know what's going on?

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You should do it the other way round, run python script inside screen:

screen -dm bash -c 'script -c "python" output.txt'
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When attempting to call a python script from a script, don't attempt to execute it directly using ./, instead call the interrupter to execute it for you. Something like this should suffice:



# call script via the interrupter     

Also make sure that the permissions are right on both scripts (chmod +x) etc.

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You're assuming that the script's working directory is the path where it resides - however that's not the case. Scripts execute in the root path "/", so when you try to run "./" in the script that's equivalent to attempting to run "/".

If you reference your Python script using its full path, or for that matter change your working directory at the start of the shell script, your script will work.