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Python script will only succeed every now and again

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I wrote a Python script to retrieve JSON data from a REST API. The script fetches the JSON with the urllib2-module and does some parsing with the json-module. When I call the Python-script directly via the command line, it will always succeed.

However, if I'm calling it with Splunk's Python via /opt/splunk/bin/splunk cmd python /path/to/, the script will only work on every third or fourth run. It will fail when retrieving the data with HTTP Error 400.

Used imports in the script: os, os.path, re, ast, csv, sys, json, logging, argparse, ConfigParser, urllib2

Do you have an idea what might be happening here? How can I troubleshoot this?
Many thanks!

It fails with Splunk 6.1.3 and its Python 2.7
Script works fine with OS Python 2.6.9

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No need to reinvent the wheel. Use the REST API Modular Input.