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MINT Management Console not showing Data

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I have installed the Mint SDK for Android. For this I followed the instructions 1:1 from this video:

However, I got the following errors:

ERROR: Unable to find method ';'.

Failed to notify project evaluation listener.

By removing "

apply plugin: ''

from build.gradle(:app), I got my code then to work.

I let my app crash as recommended and received an error email from the Mint Management Console. In the Console, I can also see the mobile App crashes that I created.


Other than the Error Report, I can't see any data in the Mint Management Console. All Reports are just spinning and loading forever.
Even if I add

Mint.logEvent("We are here");


String txID = Mint.transactionStart("Test1");

to my app, I still don't receive any data in the Mint Management Console.


Then I tried to send data via 

Mint.initAndStartSessionHEC(this.getApplication(), "http://URL/:8088/services/collector/mint", "myTokenAsObtainedFromSplunkEnterprise");

directly to Splunk Enterprise (hosted on AWS with an open listening port on 8088), there was no data arriving at Splunk.


Does anybody know what could go wrong here?

  1. Why do I have to remove the from my Gradle file to make my code work?
  2. Why do data don't get through from my MobileApp to Mint Mgt Console or Splunk even though Mint Mgt Console is able to detect intentional crashes of my Mobile App?
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