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KeyError Urlencode('indexone') when trying to upload to splunk from python

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I have a python UI using tkinter which is getting the credentials of splunk and the index in textboxes and
Then in backend executes code and collects some json data from switches.The trying to upload to splunk using the code below

spindex = user_args["splunk_index"] 
myindex = service.indexes[spindex ]
myindex.upload(uploadfile) #this uploadfile is a json file which is being uploaded

from UI i passed to textbox as 'indexone'
I am getting keyError: UrlEncoded('indexone') while above lines are executed

But if I directly write

myindex = service.indexes['indexone']

This works.
But i need to pass the index provided on the UI.
How to get rid of this KeyError?


Could you please add the complete error message?

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This is error msg

I have already created the index on splunk as mentioned in this error.

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