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Is it possible to disable certain Data Input Parameters of a Modular Input based on some logic within the Python Script?

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Hi all,

I have created a modular input using Splunk's Add-on builder (v3.0.1). The modular input is based on a Python script which polls our REST API to ingest data into Splunk. The Modular input takes three Data Input Parameters, a simple text-box, a password and a checkbox.

What I want to do is, based on the data ingested by the script, disable or remove the checkbox input parameter so that user cannot edit it. Does Splunk modular inputs provide any such functionality to perform this?

Any help towards pointing me in the right direction will be highly appreciated.


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To my knowledge, you would have use REST and POST to the conf-inputs/[stanza] endpoint. I havent done this myself however I would imagine that the change wouldnt take effect until the next time splunk is restarted. You may get away with a restart of splunkd but I wouldnt be able to say for sure

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