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How to use Python SDK with Splunk Free

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I am using Splunk Free (no authentication). The examples that come bundled with Python SDK, say the example, invokes the client.connect method.

I have added the allowRemoteLogin = always setting in the server.conf file. How do I use the Python SDK to connect to this free Splunk instance?

With blank username and password, I get AuthenticationError. Looks like I have to tell the SDK somehow that this is a free Splunk. How do I do that?

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For the free version, I just supplied username="admin" to client.connect().

splunk_service = client.connect(username="admin")

I can't reference anything for this because I found this through trial and error. Couldn't find anything useful in the Splunk Docs.

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I guess it must be the default username and password. Try

user: admin 
password: changeme
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No. When we first install Splunk, it comes with a trial Enterprise license, where the default credentials are what you mention. I changed that to “admin:admin” which is immaterial anyway, because I then changed the license type to Free (not enterprise trial), thereby removing any credentials/authentication mechanism.

When I visit the splunk web interface, I am sent straight to the home rather than a login page.

I have ofcourse tried using admin:changeme, admin:admin . Neither worked.

Something must be done differently in Splunk Free (pure Free license).

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