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Download PDF for a Dynamic Dashboard using Python Script


I'm building a dynamic dashboard which our internal teams can log into and see how often different end users are using our product. One of the things that I want to do is schedule a PDF delivery of the dashboard on a certain interval. Since the dashboard is dynamic, I don't have the option of using Splunk's internal PDF delivery feature. That's understandable.

I am hoping to create a separate python script that could handle scheduling and sending an email with the PDF, and use Splunk solely as a means to generate the PDF to send. Does anyone know of a way to get Splunk to generate a PDF from a python script? Does the python API allow for something like this (I didn't see anything in the docs)? I can provide the entire XML that Splunk would need to run.

I realize this might not be possible, but I was hoping to see if anyone has some ideas on how to implement this. Thanks!


It's just so weird that we never had a straightforward answer for this, a similar question is here:

but again, no straight answers yet!

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