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Connecting to Splunk via Java SDK, why am I getting error "java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: URI can't be null."


I am trying to connect to Splunk using the Java SDK. I created a new project in Java using Maven and have the following code provided by Splunk.

ServiceArgs loginArgs = new

Service service = Service.connect(loginArgs);

When I run this, I get "java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: URI can't be null."

What am I supposed to use for the hostname? Most examples show hostname as localhost.

I normally access Splunk using a url "" and enter my credentials.

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Hi thewho123,

I had the same problem recently. The issue turned out to be a default setting when running Java 1.8. I'm linking to the resolution here:

You have to explicitly set the SslSecurityProtocol before calling Service.connect:

 HttpService.setSslSecurityProtocol( SSLSecurityProtocol.TLSv1_2 );

Hope this helps

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