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After adding logging statements into Python script and running it via Splunk CLI, why are there no log messages in python.log?

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I'm trying to debug a Python script and in doing so placed some logging statements into the script.

Following these posts for the basics:
Logging from Python in Splunk
Python logging in splunk

I'm going off the simple statement here
"You can also just call logging directly and your logs will appear in python.log:"

 logging.warning("Something bad happened: %s", "out of memory")

so my code looks just like

import logging"message here")

Running it using the Splunk CLI command:

 splunk cmd python ./

And yet still nothing in python.log. Any ideas what I'm missing here?


The first link you showed has the answer wrapped up in a function. Here it is without being wrapped into a function:

# create logger object for logging - see for details
import logging
logger = logging.getLogger('')
fh = logging.FileHandler('/var/log/splunk/confcheck_correlation_searches.log')
formatter = logging.Formatter('%(asctime)s | src="%(name)s" | lvl="%(levelname)s" | msg="%(message)s"')

Note, you may wish to change the formatter... i just grabbed the first example I had.

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Yes I noticed this, but if you read further down it also states that

"You can also just call logging directly and your logs will appear in python.log"

As I followed in my example.

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