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I am looking for tips, documentatio, etc in order to setup data replication between 2 production Splunk servers. So, when data gets indexed on server 1, then server 2 indexes the same data. However, if server 1 goes down and server 2 is active, server 2 indexes data, then when server 1 goes back online, data gets indexed.

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

As of Splunk 5.0, we've introduced Index Replication to handle data replication and recover gracefully from server failures. More info can be found here

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Does this work for 2 servers only? i.e. both servers acting as indexers and search heads?

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Look in to the current Splunk beta documentation. It will do what you are looking for in a clustered state.

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You can setup data replication using Splunk configuration(ie: your Indexers or Forwarders can clone events over to your replication Indexers) or at the infrastructure level(ie: SAN replication). Note , this answer is relevant to version 4.2/4.3 of Splunk.

Have a look at this link :

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

there are links from that topic to configuration details, for example:

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Ok. I read and now I know that I can do that, but where may I see some config configuration examples? I cannot find anything about that.

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