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password file wont symbolic link.

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I have an odd problem with the local password file. I have a volume that is mounted to my unix server ( lets say it is either a NFS or even a EBS volume ) . I want to store the splunk password file on the mounted volume and link to it via a symbolic link. I need to do this because my server is designed to auto scale ( this could even be fail-over ) and I don't want to lose my passwords ( they are local passwords ).

I have successfully used a symbolic link to store other things related to splunk based on this nice article.

HOWEVER, I noticed every time I create a new user in Splunk, it deletes the symbolic link and replaces the password file with a real file. Any idea how I can get it to respect the symbolic link? I'm aware that this might have been done to prevent hackers from taking over the file, but I'm at a lost on how I cam over come this design.

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