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I noticed that I have some buckets with many tsidx files. I know that the hot buckets are being optimized on a regular basis by splunk. But I would like to optimize manually the warm and cold buckets.


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you can run splunk optimize manually with

splunk-optimize bucket_folder

usage:./splunk-optimize -d|--directory <dir>
[-m|--mode <normal|force|all> (defaults to normal)]
[-s|--min-src-count <number> (defaults to 8)]
[-i|--iterations-max <number> (defaults to unlmitted)]
[-b|--lex-tpb <number> (default 64 - merged lexicon terms per block)]
[-x|--max-allowed-size <number> (max allowed extra disk space required, in bytes)]
[-p]--page-size <bytes> (memory allocation size, default: 1048576 (1MB), minimum: 16384)]

and you can retrieve the list of all the buckets with a lot of tsidx files with this script

# script for listing the buckets with too many tsidx
# required the base folder as argument

verbose=1 # display the count per folder
#verbose=0 # just display list of folders
include_hot=1 # look in hot and warm and cold buckets

if [ $# -lt 1 ]; then
echo 1>&2 "usage : $0 "
exit 2


# get the list of the buckets folders
if [ $include_hot -eq 1 ] ; then
hot_bucket_list=find $base_folder -name "hot_*"
bucket_list=find $base_folder -name "db_*"
bucket_list="$hot_nucket_list $bucket_list"

# count the tsidx
if [ $verbose -eq 1 ] ; then
echo "list of buckets with more than $tsidx_limit tsidx files"

for bucket in $bucket_list ; do
count=find $bucket -name "*.tsidx" | wc -l
if [ "$count" -gt "$tsidx_limit" ] ; then
if [ $verbose -eq 1 ] ; then
echo "$count tsidx in $bucket"
echo "$bucket"

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Thank you
How to use script?

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$SPLUNK_HOME/bin/splunk-optimize -d /h_data/splunk/splunk/var/lib/splunk/idx_3/db/<your bucket with many tsidx files here>

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my index name is idx_3
directory is
How to use?

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