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how to move indexer peer from one cluster to another cluster?

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Hello All

i have 2 multisite clusters in two different regions.

region one has 4 indexers with replication factor 3 --> c1_idx1,c1_idx2,c1_idx3,c1_idx8
region two has 3 indexers with replication factor 3 --> c2_idx4,c2_idx5,c2_idx6

i want to move c1_idx3 to second cluster

how should i do it? is is by changing the master information peer or is there any other process to do it?

Am guessing this process should work
1. take peer to offline
2. change master information
3. restart the peer

is it correct?

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Simply changing the master URI will get you into all kinds of trouble, because your peer will have indexed data from the former cluster that the new master will not know what to do with.
Your best bet is to re-image the peer before doing the move; or at the very least remove index definitions and indexed data.

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Revered Legend

You've two clusters OR single cluster with two sites (multisite cluster)?

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Path Finder

two multisite clusters

one in non-prod and second in nod-prod-test

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