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i changed file server.conf as per this document ""
The goal is to optimized the load per index to increase performance.
However I got the bellow issue:
Invalid key in stanza [general] in /opt/splunk/etc/system/local/server.conf, line 6: pipelineSetSelectionPolicy (value: weighted_random).
Did you mean 'parallelIngestionPipelines'?
Did you mean 'pass4SymmKey'?
Invalid key in stanza [general] in /opt/splunk/etc/system/local/server.conf, line 7: pipelineSetWeightsUpdatePeriod (value: 15).
Did you mean 'parallelIngestionPipelines'?
Did you mean 'pass4SymmKey'?

Please help to explain why i got this and how to fix
Thanks ALL

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Hi vumanhtai,
at first, site option must be used only if you have a multisite cluster, do you have it?

Errors are related to the following options

  • pipelineSetSelectionPolicy = weighted_random
  • pipelineSetWeightsUpdatePeriod = 15

about the first, try to insert the default value "round_robin" and check if you have still the error.

About the second, use with caution this option because you could have other problems in search.


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Hi gcusello
i have a multisite Cluster index
i want to optimized index.
the option
pipelineSetWeightsUpdatePeriod, I thought up deleting it for default use.
Thank You

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Please show your complete server.conf stanza. Where and how did you define it exactly?


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Hi Skalli
my file server.conf

serverName = splunk10
pass4SymmKey = $1$V7KhzvNCnuUS
site = default
parallelIngestionPipelines = 2
pipelineSetSelectionPolicy = weighted_random
pipelineSetWeightsUpdatePeriod = 15

sslPassword = $1$AP71krYE1bcS

description = auto_generated_pool_download-trial
quota = MAX
slaves = *
stack_id = download-trial

description = auto_generated_pool_forwarder
quota = MAX
slaves = *
stack_id = forwarder

description = auto_generated_pool_free
quota = MAX
slaves = *
stack_id = free

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