Deployment Architecture

distsearch.conf can you link replicationBlacklist and dmc_group (peer groups)


in the distsearch.conf on our search head we can blacklist applications


splunk_app1_blacklist = apps/splunk_app1/...

splunk_app2_blacklist = apps/splunk_app2/...

We can also define groups of search peers (here we have peers in two groups)

servers =,
default = true

servers =,
default = true


If we dont have indexes for app1 and app2 on peers dmc_group_satelite,

can the [replicationBlacklist] be written in a way  so that its not pushing the peerbundles to it

ONLY want  to push bundles to group_main

(no need to have a knowledge bundle on peers that dont have searchable index)

Many thanks, Jon


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