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Write Splunk indexes to different Windows Azure storage account



I'm trying to host splunk on windows Azure but want to save data indexed by Splunk on seperate storage account and not on the Azure VM where Splunk is hosted.
Can you please let me know the steps

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

The standard approach is to use Virtual Machine data disks or VHDs that are stored as Page Blobs in Azure Storage. Take a look at Splunk in Azure Marketplace solution to easily get started with running Splunk in Azure and storing indexes in Azure Storage. This Marketplace solution encapsulates best practices and necessary steps including opening necessary ports and setting up the appropriate security groups.


You could probably do this with the Azure file service which exposes an SMB share. Performance...may not be great, or even good. That would need to be vetted out thoroughly. I would be hesitant and don't recommend this approach as a best practice.

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

There are no special steps required to hosting Splunk on an Azure VM. However, you must create an “endpoint" in the Azure control panel to open up communication on whichever port Splunk is running on to be able to access the Splunk Web UI remotely. See below.

For Example:
Name: Splunk Web
Protocol: HTTP
Public Port: 80 or 8000
Private Port: 8000 [default]

Splunk ports that you might want to configure endpoints for:
9997 = Default listening port for forwarder communication.
8000 = Default Splunk web (GUI) port.
8089 = Splunk management port (also used by deployment server).

alt text

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I'm not seeing that this answer is relevant to the question. @charris_splunk, you want to revise the answer a bit?

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