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Workflow action and foreign application

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I'm on distributed environment with deployment server.

I created an application, outside ES but based on ES result search.

In order to simplify the interaction between the two apps (Es and my app), I added a Workflow action in ES, that points to my app (GET method).
Now I want to package my app. But my workflow action is still (created) in ES.

If I want to incorporate my workflowactions.conf in my own app directory, how can I make it deploy in ES too ? Because right now, if I deploy my app, it only deploys files on my search heads but not this wworkflowactions.conf in ES directory.

I hope this is clear enough to be understood.


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Re: Workflow action and foreign application

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I am answering my own question :
I created my workflow_actions.conf where I put my workflow actions, in my app directory.
Then in metadata/default.meta, I added stanzas of my workflow actions like below, and an export key to the apps where I want my workflow actions appear:

export = SA-ThreatIntelligence

export = SplunkEnterpriseSecurity

So my workflow actions appear where I want to ! (in SA-ThreatIntelligence and Enterprise Security).
That's all.

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