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Why is the email icon not shown properly on Edit Alert screen when alert_actions.conf is deployed from the deployer?

Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

I created an App, and deployed it with alert_actions.conf to Search Heads.
When I tried to set up an alert on a Search Head by the below procedures, Send email icon was not shown properly.

[Procedures to create an alert]

(1) Create a search
(2) Save As -> Alert
(3) On Save As Alert, click Add Actions
(4) Send email icon is not shown properly

[alert_actions.conf in the App]

reportCIDFontList = jp
use_ssl = 0
footer.text = My Footer

alt text

Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

This issue happens because the stanza name must be unique and two apps cannot define the same alert action.
In this case, alet_actions.conf from the app has the precedence.
Try setting either one of the below.

[Method 1 : Set them up in savedsearches.conf]
Set up these in savedsearches.conf as below.


[mySavedSearch] = 1 = jp = 0 = My Footer

[Method 2 : Set necessary email stanza settings in alert_actions in the App]
Set up necessary settings in email stanza in alert_actions in the App.
Please note this setting will affect other Apps.

For icon_path, just set file name, no need to put the whole path.
For the default icon, copy mod_alert_icon_email.png from the below location
to $SPLUNK_HOME/etc/apps/appName/appserver/static/.


reportCIDFontList = jp
use_ssl = 0
footer.text = My Footer
icon_path = <fileName>

The location of mod_alert_icon_email.png from where the user needs to copy



Stanza naming 
Follow these guidelines when naming the alert action stanza. 
The stanza name must be unique. Two apps cannot define the same alert action.
The stanza name can contain only the following characters.
       - alphanumeric characters
       - underscores
       - hyphens
The stanza name cannot contain spaces.




Method 2 did the trick for our SHC, thanks!

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Linking to the workaround here,, in case anyone else finds it useful

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