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Why is splunkweb not starting on an indexer cluster member with hanging message "Waiting for web server be available..."?



Sorry this could be a bit of a newb question, but I've spent a good few hours on this one and haven't managed to work it out. I've got some linux VMs that are all accessible through port translations in my VM configuration for ssh and splunk web. What I'm trying to do is create an indexer cluster with 3 indexing peers, a cluster master and a search head so I've been following the instructions in the splunk docs.

So I configure the master, then move on to the slaves. What happened was, as soon as I restarted splunk on those slaves, they would come back up but with no splunk web. I just end up with this forever:

Waiting for web server at to be available...................................

As soon as I change it back to being standalone (not an index slave and no peering), then restart, it comes straight up no problem. Thought I might have configured it incorrectly, but I've done it through the gui, the cli and editing the server.conf file and get the same each time. Thought a port conflict, but couldn't see one. Tried changing them anyway and no luck. Doesn't seem to be permissions either as starting as root has same outcome.

I did see one article here that suggested that you can't run splunkweb on a cluster member, but the docs seems to say you should be able to jump straight back onto it once it comes back up from restart. Looking for some advice on this before spending any more time on it. Nothing at all in the linux or splunk logs.


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You have not told us how you "change it back to being standalone" or how you did the opposite. How can we possibly help without this information? Are you using GUI or CLI? What are the settings that you are changing?

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am having same problem running splunk WEB on my second and third indexers as i wanted to go and configure their listening ports however, the first indexer is connecting to the web without any problems. I didn't experience this yesterday


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Hi pdjhh - I am facing the same issue. How was your issue resolved ? Would be grateful for inputs.

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hi, did you get the solution to this problem?

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I've seen this behaviour when configuring multi-site clustering but it's just a temporary thing when you start adding nodes to the cluster.
First, second nodes will do this
You just need to configure enough node peers for your clustering replication factor ( like min 4. 2 per site)
Once that's done they will function properly and all stop/starts are fast again Web interface included
Of course the very next step is to push the config from the Node Master to disbale the Web interface on all nodes 🙂

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