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Why is reload deploy failing on SSO enabled system?


Hello Splunkers,


I'm facing an authentication issue with my splunk instance during the App deployment.


information about the infrastructure:

Splunk Enterprise is configured with SSO

My User account has Admin role

Splunk Service runs on Splunk user(Normal Setup as in the installation Doc)

No password has been configured for the Splunk user account



Whenever i try to deploy app using

./splunk reload deploy-server

usually it asks my user id and password which is my Active Directory user id & password.

Since we have enabled SSO i'm unable to get authenticated and getting the below error,

Your session is invalid. Please login.
Splunk username: myid

An authentication error occurred: Client is not authenticated


Could someone help me on this issue as i'm new to deployment over SSO enabled system.


I have pretty much experiences with the normal apply deployment without SSO being enabled.


Thank you

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@Nvijay92 , @faruqtx , @SinghK  - I don't think you can use SSO while running CLI commands which require authentication. Because SSO relies on the browser to perform authentication.

Alternatively, you can use a Native Splunk account or a direct LDAP authentication scheme. 

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Just curious ...

How do you do a reload deploy server, do you do it as  splunk user or with your user ? Does your user have sudo rights?


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We sudo to splunk users and use the Splunk user. It works perfectly fine if we are not using SSO. And we created local accounts and if we reload using local accounts (not active directory accounts), then it also works fine. 

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Hi, just curious, were you able to ever figure this out? We have the same issue as we're implementing SSO too. 

If you have any followup on this, I would love to hear it. Thanks. 

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