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Why is Splunk UI Slow?

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I have setup a cluster behind aws NLB, about a month back, suddenly the UI is taking too long to load, i tried tweaking web.conf cache size, no help.

The page loads and even splunk default common.js loads with 200, thus sticking firewall, and infra usage on SH's is in single digits ( no user .. no load 😁

Any idea folks.....


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hi, we are on, try increasing your cache size in web.conf, that should fix it, increase it to almost 3x your current config 


let me know if that helps ... also disable THP if using linux


We are facing similar issues too. The UI navigation is very slow and sometimes freezes , however there is no slowness while executing queries. Which version are you in ? Just wondering if it is to do with the version of Splunk ?

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