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What are the differences between “Automation Testing - Synthetic Transactions” app and “Splunk Synthetic App”?

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What is the difference between these two and is there documentation on how to set them up and use them? We are looking to do end to end testing of systems and I only see general information on the Splunk site. Thanks. Steve

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These are two very interesting apps.

If you did check the documentations tab, you will find detailed information about them both, and at least in the case of "Splunk synthetic App" the procedure on how to configure them.

The "splunk synthetic app" is dependent on Selenium, which is a open source tool for web browser automation (as per the homepage) ; .
So to be able to use the "splunk syntethic app" you need to get to know selenium. There should already be a lot of different automated tasks for you, but you would preferable need to "record" the ones that are interesting for your environment.

I would guess that "Automation testing - Synthetic transactions" has the same kind of, if not the same decency (ie. selenium)

I have not used any off them (yet) ..

I would probably go for the one with the best doku 😉 and i also think selenium is a good / safe bet if you wanna go open source, so use these apps to set up selenium as inputs as per doku and then build the dashboards needed for your syntethic testing 🙂

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

the last message was from 2015. 

Is Splunk Synthetic still dependent on Selenium?
What about leveraging browser and OS version farms for automated tests?
eg: BrowserStack and CrossBrowserTesting .com -  
Using Synthetic, can I write Selenium code that pushes calls (i am assuming yes) to CBT or BrowserStack? 
or is there an OS / Browser version farm we can leverage with Synthetic? 


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